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The first BBUG Masterclasses Crowdfunding is a success

Hello everyone!

As mentionned in the previous news, and as those of you who attended our latest events already know: we just launched a crowdfunding campaign to host 4 masterclasses with 4 world-class experts!

Growfunding campaignFor our first edition of “The Bbug Masterclasses”, we’re proud to invite people such as David Revoy, Sarah Laufer, François Grassard and François Gastaldo!

The campaign will be live for 33 days, starting today! So hurry up, and go grab a ticket, the seats are limited!

We partnered up with the PointCulture from Brussels for this, and they’ll lend us their really nice place where we can have up to 50 people, seated with laptops! And everything will be filmed, edited and uploaded to the internet, and available for free for everyone!

Why a crowdfunding campaign?
We need some budget to be able to pay for their travel expenses. We designed the campaign with you in mind, that’s why it’s so cheap, and that’s why the BBUG won’t earn any money on this 🙂

Why choose “Growfunding” as a platform for this campaign? is a Belgian crowdfunding website focused about social events in Brussels, so, perfect for us 🙂

For the occasion, we put a short video together:

Check out the project page for more details and updates!


We Did it! Congrats, it’s a success.

The last seats is available on EventBrite.

7 thoughts on “The first BBUG Masterclasses Crowdfunding is a success

  1. Collignon_David
    Collignon_David says:

    [English transcript of] Bbug Master Classes #1 – Sarah Laufer, François Gastaldo, François Grassart & David Revoy

    The Bbug will host 4 Master Classes about 3D and Digital art presented by renowned actors of the Open Source movement in Europe.

    It’s been two years that the Belgian Blender User Group, a group of volunteers held monthly free workshops in Brussels, Belgium about 3D, Blender and Open Source.

    Our goals are sharing knowledge, continuous education and a moderate promotion of Open Source software.

    For the first time in Belgium, we have the opportunity to invite four international personalities to give us four high-level training days.
    On this occasion, the PointCulture from Brussels lent its local to accommodate:

    David Revoy – 19 September 2015
    Krita Ambassador (, an alternative to Photoshop whose popularity continues to grow, David is both a teacher (Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, CGCookie, Blender Foundation), a concept artist on Sintel and Tears of Steel and an illustrator for many publishers.
    This award-winning artist will talk about concept art, 2D digital painting on Krita and the brand new features of the latest version which was just released a little while ago.

    Sarah Laufer – 3 October 2015
    Sarah went to study at Supinfocom in Valenciennes where she co-realized 8bits, a critically acclaimed short film.
    She then returns to Costa Rica to found her own animation studio and regularly gives courses with Blender to young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in San Jose.
    We take this opportunity of her return to the old continent to work on the latest Open Movie of the Blender Foundation to offer to his homeland a Master Class on character animation.

    François Grassard – 19 December 2015
    Like David Revoy, he made the choice to gradually include Open Source in both his courses and in his professional pipeline.
    Eternal source of quality tutorials, he is at the root of the transition of the University Paris-8 towards free solutions such as Krita, Blender or Natron.
    Exceptional Jack-of-all-trade, strong supporter and user of both Natron and Blender, he specializes in camera tracking, 3D integration and particle systems.

    François Gastaldo – 27 February 2016
    Optics specialist and outstanding technician with many tools, François is specialized in creating 3D materials and shaders. Professor and lecturer, we met him several times at the Blender Conference where he transmitted us his passion for OSL (Open Shading Language) (
    He immediately accepted our invitation to come and reveal to us his secrets.

    Practical Infos
    Courses will be hold in French, please bring your laptop.
    The last 5 seats are available on EventBrite.

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  3. redj
    redj says:

    I got mine too… only 39% left !

    I hope the goal will be reached, can’t wait for it 🙂

    • Collignon_David
      Collignon_David says:

      Yes @redj, I hope we’ll reach it.

      4 awesome courses in the making (and a lot of work for us to make it happen…)

      • redj
        redj says:

        Honestly, if it doesn’t reach 100% before the last day, I’m willing to give a tiny bit more :p

        • Collignon_David
          Collignon_David says:

          Ahah, watch out! I’ve heard that ; p

          Frankly, for everybody out there, if you didn’t buy your ticket yet or if you’re willing to give more, please, do it. (For a start, I’ll sleep better at night X__X)

          If we don’t reach our goal, you’ll be reimburse in full anyway…

          Crowfunding is still in it’s infancy and it’s a variation on the ‘Give what you think it’s worth’ way of thinking.

          And time flies by ; we have less than two weeks left. Finger crossed!

          We need you.

  4. Collignon_David
    Collignon_David says:

    We did it!

    109%! You’re awesome. Thank you all.

    The last 5 seats are available on EventBrite.


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