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The first Master Class is online!

Happy crowd Master Class Krita

Great news!

We have finished the editing of the first Master Class, which is about Krita, and by the amazing David Revoy! It is, as promissed, available to you all, under a Creative Commons Licence: don’t hesitate to share it! It was recorded in French, and we are looking for volunteers to help with subtitles (in any language, the more the better 🙂 ).

We’ve also added a new section in the website’s menu: the Master Classes. You’ve guessed it right, it’s the place to find them all when we add them as they happen. I’m the one editing them, and I have a very busy schedule so please be patient and don’t ask why the new master class isn’t here two days after the event :).

Note that when you go directly to the youtube pages of the videos, you have access to chapters to switch between the different topics.

– QuentinG –


[Bbug Master Classes] David Revoy

Krita Ambassador, an alternative to Photoshop whose popularity continues to grow, David is both a teacher (Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard, CGCookie, Blender Foundation), a concept artist on Sintel and Tears of Steel and an illustrator for many publishers.

This award-winning artist will talk about concept art, 2D digital painting on Krita and the brand new features of the latest version which was just released a little while ago.

This Master Class is part of our crowfunding and, as such, is a prepaid event.

Last tickets can be bought here.