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The masterclass on Dynamic animation is online!

masterclass François Grassard

Finally, everybody can enjoy François Grassard‘s Master Class on Dynamic Animation in Blender!

In this one, we had a solid intro to Blender’s particle systems, smoke, fractures, and much more! The day is cut in 4 videos, just like the previous one. Also, note that this one was recorded in French AND English at the same time. That was a test, so let us know what you think, so we can adapt for future recordings.

You can watch the first part below, and all of them are in the Master Class section of the website and on our Youtube Channel as a playlist.

The files used are not necessary to reproduce the exercises.
Last but not least, in the Master Class, François mentions that he was working on an addon to join several animation together, it’s now published and available here.

The last Master Class of this first series will happen on Saturday 27th February, and will be held by François Gastaldo. He’ll give us an intro to OSL scripting, so if you’ve got your ticket, see you there!

[Bbug Master Classes] François Grassard

Like David Revoy, François Grassard made the choice to gradually include Open Source in both his courses and in his professional pipeline.

Eternal source of quality tutorials, he is at the root of the transition of the University Paris-8 towards free solutions such as Krita, Blender or Natron.

Exceptional Jack-of-all-trade, strong supporter and user of both Natron and Blender, he specializes in camera tracking, 3D integration and particle systems.

This Master Class is part of our crowfunding and, as such, is a prepaid event.

Last tickets can be bought here.

[Bbug Master Classes] Sarah Laufer

Sarah went to study at Supinfocom in Valenciennes where she co-realized 8bits, a critically acclaimed short film.

She then returns to Costa Rica to found her own animation studio and regularly gives courses with Blender to young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in San Jose.

We take this opportunity of her return to the old continent to work on the latest Open Movie of the Blender Foundation to offer to his homeland a Master Class on character animation.

This Master Class is part of our crowfunding and, as such, is a prepaid event.

Last tickets can be bought here.