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2018 News

Hello everyone!

As you probably saw, the website is hardly upated those past few months. We are having a few difficulties with it. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening!



Here is

how to keep updated with our workshops for the upcoming months.



Now, a few words about the future of the website:

  • We are going to completely rethink it to something a lot simpler. It’s currently running wordpress and BBpress for the forums. The core CMS will be something way lighter and easier to maintain, as we plan on… deleting the forum. Being closed it’s really hard to get new people to register to it. We’re looking into more modern alternatives, like Slack (or its open source alternatives). More to follow as we are still testing options to maintain an online community.
  • The main focus on the website will be events. We’ll try to integrate Google Calendar (the link above) with it so new workshops can automatically pop up in you calendars if you subscribe to it.
  • The master classes will stay available on our youtube channel, and will probably still be featured on the new website.

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