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Activities schedule January-June 2017

We’ve planned some exciting stuff for the first part of this year! Details are on the event pages, and feel free to ask questions on the forums!

The next 6 months

January 28: Introduction to 3D in Blender with David Collignon

Due to popular demand, we’re doing again a workshop for total beginners.
You don’t know anything about 3D or Blender ? Don’t be afraid, this workshop is for you!

➤ February 25: Introduction to Vector graphics in Inkscape with David Collignon

Due to popular demand, we’re doing again a workshop for total beginners (another one).
You don’t know anything about Vector graphics or Inkscape ? Don’t be afraid, this workshop is for you!

➤ March 11: 3D Printing workshop with Quentin Geluyckens

Each year, we doing a workshop about Blender and 3D printing ; What do you need to be careful about ? What tools does Blender provide ? Or even how does it even work ?
Quentin will answer it all, provide some useful tips and tricks and, of course, we’ll print some cool stuff too!

➤ April 8: Render all the things! (Cycles demystified) with Midge Sinnaeve

Welcome our newest ‘Trainer’ ; round of applause for Midge Sinnaeve. You may have seen his ‘Weird Sh!t‘ videos on Youtube or on his website.
This workshop will cover all kind of render techniques : Microdisplacement, Branched Path Tracing, VR Video, and maybe even some composting/render passes stuff.

➤ May 6: Animation and NLA in Blender with Georges Lambert

NLA stands for Non-Linear Animation, it’s a powerful tool in Blender for anybody interested in animation both for game dev or traditional movie making.

➤ June 10: Workflow about Sculpting, Retopo and Texture Painting with Régis Gobbin

Régis will show and tell us about his recent discoveries about using Blender as a tool for digital sculpting and texture painting.

What’s next?

Well, we did not plan the second part of the year yet, because, as usual, we’re open to suggestion, and we always welcome new people who want to share their knowledge! Feel free to reach out if you’d be interested in becoming a “trainer” for the time of a workshop!


Feel free to join us! All those workshops are free, and you don’t need to register to attend them. Just be there when they’re happening, with a laptop, a mouse with a wheel and of course, the latest version of the concerned software package installed (Blender, Inkscape, etc).

Some new activities might be added to the agenda, as we also organize other stuff (free or paid) outside of this “regular” schedule 🙂

Registration on the forums is still closed to the public, due to a high amount of spam/flood… We’re very sorry about that, but you can still register: come to a workshop and speak out, or contact David or Quentin.