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The masterclass on OSL is finally available!

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After a loooong wait (very sorry for that), the last Master Class of our first series is finally available to watch & share!

In this 4-videos course, François Gastaldo teaches us the basics of OSL (Open Shading Language) scripting in Blender. You know, the little box you can tick in the render options that enable custom scripted shaders? Well, that will allow you to create shaders that are fully customizable, and reusable in other software packages that use OSL! And also, something really cool, with OSL, you get to use various shaders created for other render engines, in Blender.

You can watch the first part below, and all of them are in the Master Class section of the website and on our Youtube Channel as a playlist.

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The masterclass on Dynamic animation is online!

masterclass François Grassard

Finally, everybody can enjoy François Grassard‘s Master Class on Dynamic Animation in Blender!

In this one, we had a solid intro to Blender’s particle systems, smoke, fractures, and much more! The day is cut in 4 videos, just like the previous one. Also, note that this one was recorded in French AND English at the same time. That was a test, so let us know what you think, so we can adapt for future recordings.

You can watch the first part below, and all of them are in the Master Class section of the website and on our Youtube Channel as a playlist.

The files used are not necessary to reproduce the exercises.
Last but not least, in the Master Class, François mentions that he was working on an addon to join several animation together, it’s now published and available here.

YouTube Preview Image

The last Master Class of this first series will happen on Saturday 27th February, and will be held by François Gastaldo. He’ll give us an intro to OSL scripting, so if you’ve got your ticket, see you there!

The second Master Class is online!

Master Class Sarah Laufer

It’s been 2 months since Sarah Laufer gave us a whole day of master class about animation in Blender, and the videos (4 parts, 1h-ish long each) are finally available online!
Feel free to share! The next one (December 19) should come way quicker to the internet, I just had 2 crazy months at work and no time. On her side, Sarah has been busy animating on Caminandes 3, the Blender Foundation next open movie!

You can watch the first part below, and all of them are in the Master Class section of the website and on our Youtube Channel.

The files she used are available on the Blender Cloud. If you have trouble getting them, tell us and we’ll make them available.

Some other really cool news, the first half of David Revoy’s master class on Krita now has english subtitles! It’s A LOT of work, so kudos to @RedJ, @Collignon_David and @VincentG! They are working on the second part. If you want to help, reach out to us, we’d love it!


The first Master Class is online!

Happy crowd Master Class Krita

Great news!

We have finished the editing of the first Master Class, which is about Krita, and by the amazing David Revoy! It is, as promissed, available to you all, under a Creative Commons Licence: don’t hesitate to share it! It was recorded in French, and we are looking for volunteers to help with subtitles (in any language, the more the better :) ).

We’ve also added a new section in the website’s menu: the Master Classes. You’ve guessed it right, it’s the place to find them all when we add them as they happen. I’m the one editing them, and I have a very busy schedule so please be patient and don’t ask why the new master class isn’t here two days after the event :).

Note that when you go directly to the youtube pages of the videos, you have access to chapters to switch between the different topics.

– QuentinG –

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


The first BBUG Masterclasses Crowdfunding is a success

Hello everyone!

As mentionned in the previous news, and as those of you who attended our latest events already know: we just launched a crowdfunding campaign to host 4 masterclasses with 4 world-class experts!

Growfunding campaignFor our first edition of “The Bbug Masterclasses”, we’re proud to invite people such as David Revoy, Sarah Laufer, François Grassard and François Gastaldo!

The campaign will be live for 33 days, starting today! So hurry up, and go grab a ticket, the seats are limited!

We partnered up with the PointCulture from Brussels for this, and they’ll lend us their really nice place where we can have up to 50 people, seated with laptops! And everything will be filmed, edited and uploaded to the internet, and available for free for everyone!

Why a crowdfunding campaign?
We need some budget to be able to pay for their travel expenses. We designed the campaign with you in mind, that’s why it’s so cheap, and that’s why the BBUG won’t earn any money on this :)

Why choose “Growfunding” as a platform for this campaign? is a Belgian crowdfunding website focused about social events in Brussels, so, perfect for us :)

For the occasion, we put a short video together:

Check out the project page for more details and updates!


We Did it! Congrats, it’s a success.

The last seats is available on EventBrite.

Welcome to the Bbug (Belgian Blender user Group) website

Hello there!

As you can see, the Bbug finally has a brand new website!

But it’s still a work in progress, we’re working on getting all the forum content moved to the new one! Once this is done, we’ll announce it here, and the best thing is: you won’t need to register again, your login info will be imported into the new database so it won’t bother you that much.

See you soon here!


EDIT 01: Database migration complete, the new forum is active, give it a try :)

Please note that it might get rearranged to ensure a better usability in a near future.